How to Take Care of Your Lower Back

Wear A Lower Back Brace

Wearing a brace when you’re moving around or doing strenuous activity is a preventative measure to ensure you don’t sprain your lower back. The best action one can take to prevent lower back pain and aches is supporting the lower back during this particular time.

Nothing is worse than an unsupported back during a very strenuous moment or period of time. Without a back brace, the muscles are strained beyond their capacity. The joints in the lower back and pelvis are also strained the same way. A back brace does help ease the strain on these parts of the lower back as well as support the vital area of the lower back.

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Search for a reliable back brace and wear it during strenuous activity and exercise. These are the times that the back is most vulnerable. The back needs the most support during these times and the lower back brace should be there for that.


Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion table therapy is one of the best forms of natural treatment. The inversion table is a light-weight machine designed to invert the human body allowing the natural form of spinal decompression to take place. This allows the intervertebral joints to repair themselves after a day’s load and activity.

The muscles in the lower back are also positively affected by inversion therapy. While inverting on the inversion table, the muscles in the lower back are stretched, which allow for more blood to flow into the muscle fibers. This process helps eliminate toxins from them allow the muscles to recuperate faster and rejuvenate themselves.

Again, the spinal column joints and discs are healing during inversion therapy. This allows toxins that have been built up during the day to be eliminated and recycled out of the spinal column and the discs. This allows for a faster healing process. Inversion therapy does help lower back pain and it is one of the best solutions for healing the lower back naturally!


Preventative Measures:

Many times, we don’t realize when our back isn’t going to hold up. Lower back pain has no warning and many people are caught off guard when it comes around.

These are some excellent tips and measures that you can take in order to take care of your back:

  • Take breaks when possible. Never spend a long period of time doing something without thinking about the health of the lower back, especially if you are prone to suffering from this condition.
  • Never sit for long periods of time. Sitting causes much strain the lower back. Muscles are directly affected by sitting and they can be strained if they’re put in that position without moving them.
  • Keep yourself well informed about back health. When you have the knowledge, the action must be implemented. Knowledge about back health will keep you one step ahead of the game. Keep yourself well informed and be aware of what you do during that day that may cause lower back pain to flare up.